Loan despite negative Credit bureau and without advance payment

There is no Agree bank offering a loan despite a negative Credit bureau and without prepayment. Agree banks do not require their customers to pay in advance, but a negative Credit bureau makes lending impossible. For this reason, you have to look carefully for other alternatives. These alternatives exist and are preferred to be found at foreign banks, private lenders and private credit intermediaries. Which variant is the right one depends on various factors. In any case, it is advisable not to make hasty decisions, but to obtain precise information, make a comparison and only then apply for a loan.

Credit comparison

Credit comparison

A credit comparison is free of charge and possible around the clock. He also includes a large number of offers, which are also continuously updated. In this way you can be sure that you will get a comprehensive overview of the entire loan offer at home and abroad. Especially if you have negative Credit bureau entries and cannot get a loan in Germany, you should also get acquainted with the idea that you can apply for a loan abroad. There are some banks in Switzerland, Liechtenstein or Luxembourg that also count German citizens as their customers. The loan amounts that they can grant are usually in the range of up to several thousand USD. 3500 USD are a sum that is very often in demand abroad.

Another variant of getting a loan despite a negative Credit bureau and without prepayment is a loan from a private individual. This private person does not have to be a person you know, but can also be a stranger up to then. If you don’t want to go looking for a loan alone despite a negative Credit bureau and without prepayment, you can also look for a reputable credit broker who can support you in your project.

It is advisable to give preference to an online loan comparison over a local loan comparison. There are different reasons for this. A credit comparison on site takes too long and is also associated with unnecessary ways. You are also bound to the opening times of the individual bank branches. This is particularly a problem for working people. The situation is very different when comparing loans on the Internet. Here you can go around the clock in search of a suitable loan despite a negative Credit bureau and without advance payment and compare several offers in peace. This process often only takes a few minutes. If you have not yet found the right offer, you are free to repeat the comparison at any time.

Credit requirements

Credit requirements

Just like with any other loan, various conditions must be met for a loan despite a negative Credit bureau and without prepayment. If Credit bureau information is not to play a role in assessing creditworthiness, other factors come to the fore even more. In particular, the income should be mentioned, which should not only be sufficiently high, but should also be paid regularly. This is guaranteed above all by an open-ended employment contract. Many lenders who can grant a loan despite a negative Credit bureau and without prepayment insist that the borrower is no longer in the trial period and has been employed by the current employer for at least 12 months. Appropriate evidence must be provided at the latest when applying for a loan.

Foreign lenders attach importance to the fact that the borrower has German citizenship and a permanent residence in Germany. In addition, he must have reached the age of majority at the age of 18. The monthly net income should be at least 1150 USD, if it is higher, the better. Some foreign lenders have also set an upper age limit up to which a loan is possible despite a negative Credit bureau and without prepayment. However, this is not the case with all lenders. Many foreign lenders also do not have an upper age limit. The lower age limit with the age of majority remains however.

With a private lender, you have to expect that the requirements are not as clearly regulated as with a bank loan. As far as possible, private individuals can freely decide who they want to grant a loan and, if so, under what conditions. In addition, private lenders generally have to differentiate between people who come from your own relatives or acquaintances and people who were previously unknown to you. You can get to know private individuals who are eligible for a loan via a loan brokerage portal. Registration is free of charge there.

This applies to both potential lenders and potential borrowers. If you are looking for a loan despite a negative Credit bureau and without prepayment, a private lender can be the right contact in many cases. However, the credit brokerage portal does not itself issue loans, but only acts as an intermediary. The credit terms must always be negotiated individually between the two contracting parties. Similar to an institutional lender, a private lender will also charge interest. You also have to repay the loan in installments.

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